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What is the Sales Tracker?

The sales tracker is an enterprise app used by field sales executives to manage the day-to-day lead generation and conversion activities in a given region or geography. Thus it is the mobile office of an executive, who works mostly in the field.

What is the purpose of Sales Tracker?

The sales tracker app helps an executive to mark daily attendance. An executive can create, assign, complete, and write feedback on the tasks in the app. When a task is to meet a lead or channel partner, they can add the meeting location to the task and travel accordingly. They can also call leads, write feedback, and track leads generation and conversion activities.

Who is the user of Sales Tracker?

This app is used by employees of an enterprise who mainly work in sales function. This app is accessible only with authorised login credentials. The app can be downloaded from Google Playstore, but can’t be used if authorised login credentials are not given by the organization.

What data is collected in the Sales Tracker?

User profile data (name, email ID, and mobile number) is added by the organization while creating the account for the app. This data is stored in the app and can be used by a user for phone calls or email communications. This data is not used for any further reason.

The app collects the user's device location when a user is performing daily office activities in the app. These activities are like check-in while starting the work of the day and check-out when closing the work of a day. If a user creates a task to meet a lead or channel sales partner, then the executive can add a meeting location. When an executive is traveling, travel locations are captured in the app.

How data is used?

Data is used only for official purposes within the organization, in which the executive is working. The data is not used outside of the organization for any purpose including advertisement. The executive has complete access to profile and location data. Hence executives are aware of data collected by the app. This data is useful to an executive to manage their travel, reimbursement, time management, office activities or task management, communication with leads, and channel partners. The same data is useful to HR for monthly salaries and PMS-based pays.